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Wight Dolphins are a local branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club , providing scuba diving and training courses on the Isle of Wight.We have been operating on the Island for nearly 40 years. Throughout the diving season the club participates in regular shore based dives We also makes use of our own 7m rib to dive the many wrecks and other marine features in Island waters. There are more than 4000 shipwrecks around the coast of the Isle of Wight, ranging from Victorian steamers to tug boats,warships and even U-boats,along with a wide range of sea life.

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If you are interested in diving ,or want to find out what lurks beaneath the waters around the island ,why not take the next step The club welcomes new members, whether existing divers or complete novices. Training is to the BSAC standard, and takes place during the winter. Training usually consists of: Theory lessons Confined water lessons, conducted at West Wight Swimming Pool (Friday evenings) Open Water lessons. These are at sites on the Island, and at Vobster Quay diving centre or Chepstow NDAC.

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All ready a Diver We are the Island most active diving club with dives planned every weekend and through the week in the summer (tides and weather permitting)

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Thorness Bay

A new licence has been issued to Garry McGinty and Gary Paddock to dive the site and also, on the 18th January a proposal was submitted to historic England by MSDS Marine, myself and Gary p on behalf of Wight dolphins to try and secure £45,000 of funding to develop the Thorness bay site, so it would be more accessible to the general public.The funding would be used for putting a diver trail in place and conducting a 3D multi beam side scan of the site. Wight Dolphins members would be the first group of divers to try out the trail as part of the clubs input into the project. Subject to winning funding the project is penciled in to start in the spring and the trail to be ready for August/September this year. As a bonus we will be diving from a hard boat with diver lift and tea and coffee if we are successful on the proposal. So fingers crossed everyone, if it is awarded to our proposal Wight Dolphins will become the resident licensees of the wreck. Also the trail will be accredited to the club along with MSDS so might get a mention in BSAC magazine.

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Club Rib

The clubs rib is now 20 years old and the tubes were starting to show signs of wear and tear. So it was decided to have the tubes replaced at a cost of around £6500 so it can give us even more exciting diving around the Isle of Wight. Many thanks to Nathan for the organizing I know it was a bit of a headache but well done. Also thanks to Andrew and Dave for taking it over to the RibShop on Wednesday. The process is expected to take around six weeks. The engine has been serviced and will be ready to go back into service as soon as we get it back. Wight Dolphin is a getting a bit like Triggers broom. It’s had new tubes and engine fuel tanks and electrics but it’s the same boat we need it to be reliable and safe for us to use. The rib is our greatest asset and tool also is the greatest cost with its storage and running costs. To give you an idea it can burn up to 55 litres or 12 Gallons of fuel in a hour but it does move up to 10 divers and all their kit at a speed of around 30 Knots.

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